Valero PAC reports $226,000 on hand to influence Benicia’s November elections

Valero Political Action Committee files financial statement with City of Benicia on Aug 1, 2022

By Roger Straw, August 2, 2022

BENICIA > Jan 1 to June 30 this year, Valero’s PAC received $0 and spent $7,064, all expenditures for legal and accounting services with Nielsen Merksamer et al.

Their report at this time in our 2020 elections was the same.  We won’t get any more information as to the PAC’s intentions until the next report is released, after due date of August 29.

Details follow:

Source: ……..City of Benicia website, 2022 Campaign Finance Reports
Document: ..Working_Families_…_PAC_Form_460_Semi_Annual_2.pdf

Full Committee Name: Working Families for a Strong Benicia, a Coalition of Labor and Industrial Services Companies, Committee Major Funding by Top Contributors Valero and International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers Local 549 PAC

Total Contributions:

This period: $0
Year Total to Date: $0

Total Expenditures:

This period: $7,064.31
Year Total to Date: $7,064.31
Detail: 8 payments to Nielsen Merksamer Parrinello Gross & Leoni, all for Professional Services (legal, accounting)

Current Cash Statement:

Beginning Cash Balance: $232,386.88
Cash Receipts: $0
Cash Payments: $6,165.06

Outstanding Debts: $899.25

Detail: 1 expense accrued but unpaid to Nielsen Merksamer etc. for Professional Services (legal, accounting)