Terry Scott Files Nomination Papers for Benicia City Council

Terry Scott, candidate for Benicia City Council, swearing in with Benicia City Clerk Lisa Wolfe

BENICIA — Local philanthropist, retired business executive and futurist, Terry Scott, filed his nomination packet with Benicia City Clerk Lisa Wolfe on Friday morning, solidifying his official bid for Benicia City Council.

“It’s time for a change,” said Mr. Scott.  “I’ve lived in Benicia for five election cycles. As residents and voters, we’ve listened, we voted and then we waited. Have we seen the results we were all promised?

As your next Benicia City Council representative, I’ll look for new solutions that build a better future, not just patch problems of the present,” he added.

Mr. Scott went on to say, “My nomination papers include a wide range of community leaders that have helped build the unique fabric of Benicia and represent a wide range of political views.

“I’m the only candidate to have three of the five sitting council members represented on my nomination forms, including Mayor Young, Vice Mayor Campbell and Councilmember Trevor Macenski.

“I’m proud to say that the following signatories have both nominated me, and endorsed my campaign. Thank you to Mayor Steve Young, Vice Mayor Tom Campbell, Benicia Unified School District (BUSD) Trustee President Sheri Zada, current BUSD Trustees Mark Maselli and Dr. Gethsemane Moss, former Benicia Mayors Jerry Hayes and Elizabeth Patterson, and former Councilmember Pepe Arteaga and County Supervisor Monica Brown for your ongoing enthusiasm and support,” he added.

Terry Scott Supports the Arts

Terry Scott has served as Chair of the Benicia Arts and Culture Commission and the Benicia Public Art Committee, and is a founding member and former Executive Director of the Benicia Community Foundation. Mr. Scott has maintained a consistent level of community service, helping form and fund several philanthropic and local civic groups.

“My vision for Benicia is to be a financially secure, economically vibrant community while at the same time preserving our friendly, small-town atmosphere. Benicia is a special place, rich with history.” Mr. Scott added.

“I’m passionate about contributing to a city government that delivers quality public safety, clean air and water and stable infrastructure including safe roads.

“It’s essential to champion our First St. by supporting our entertainment, restaurants, art galleries and small businesses, deal with parking and look for ways to improve the growth of our Industrial Park.

We must be prepared to face the challenge of change and find ways to thrive. Benicia is a multi-generational community. Whether you choose to live here in retirement, raise a family or start one, we have a shared value to experience the quality of life unique to our amazing town.”

Mr. Scott earned a B.S. Degree from Kent State University and attended the Executive Studies Program at Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College.

Terry Scott concluded with, “I’m asking for your trust and your vote on November 8th.”

For more information, visit terryscottforbenicia2022.org

Vicki Byrum Dennis: Kari Birdseye for Benicia City Council

Kari Birdseye for Benicia City Council

Leadership, Listening, Balance and Commitment

By Vicki Byrum Dennis, July 29, 2022

Vicki Byrum Dennis, Benicia

I support Kari Birdseye for Benicia City Council. She will be an excellent member of our city’s leadership team. She will bring a vision for Benicia that balances economic growth and the health and safety of our citizens, with a commitment to preserve Benicia’s small-town appeal, our unique place in California’s history, and our reputation as an arts destination.

I know Kari as a highly professional woman of principle, a believer in Benicia, and as someone who has stepped up again and again to help our community reach its full potential.

I’ve seen this soft-spoken woman in action and recognize that beneath her calm words and quiet demeanor lies a core of strength and commitment, a passionate determination to make life better for everyone in Benicia.

I have found her to be truly unique. She actually listens to what you say. She looks you in the eye as you speak. She listens and she connects with what you are saying. No interruptions, no side glances. She is with you in that moment.

And she doesn’t forget what you have said. Because she is also a woman of action. She has served for more than 10 years on the Benicia Planning Commission which has given her the ability to see and act on the critical issues facing our city. She withstood the attacks by various PACs in the previous election. A strong woman indeed.

As a former communications professional myself, I appreciate Kari’s skill as a seasoned communicator, especially on environmental issues. After an 11-year career with CNN  as Executive News Producer (and winning an Emmy as part of the frontline production team for the coverage of the Olympic Park bombing), Kari turned her skills to helping non-profit groups including her work with Earthjustice’s inaugural Healthy Communities campaign goals of lessening harmful pesticide impacts on farmworkers. She currently is Senior  Strategic Communications Director of the Natural Defense Resources Council whose work on environmental issues has made it a critical resource for all who work to preserve our earth.

But today I am a one of Benicia’s many working artists. And I also know Kari as a lover of the arts, a collector of local art and a supporter and promoter of our strong arts community. Kari understands the economic impact the arts and the artists have on Benicia and is committed to supporting and expanding the arts community.

Kari will bring all her professional experience, volunteer efforts, her commitment to Benicia, and her unique manner of listening to the critical job of Benicia City Council member. And she will be terrific. I am proud to vote for Kari Birdseye, and I hope you will join with me in supporting and voting for her.

Vicki Byrum Dennis

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And best of all – Kari’s website!

Kari Birdseye For Benicia City Council 2022

Newsom calls for more aggressive climate action

Oak Fire forecast for July 28 2022

CalMatters, by Emily Hoeven, July 25, 2022

As the largest wildfire of the year rages across California, Gov. Gavin Newsom is doubling down on an aggressive strategy to combat climate change — one that also appears to involve boosting his national profile.

Newsom on Saturday proclaimed a state of emergency in Mariposa County due to the Oak Fire near Yosemite National Park, which since igniting on Friday has burned through more than 15,600 acres of bone-dry fuel and was 0% contained as of Sunday night, according to Cal Fire.

California has secured federal support to help defray the costs of battling the blaze, which as of Sunday was being attacked by nearly 2,100 firefighters. More than 6,000 people were under evacuation orders, nearly 3,000 PG&E customers were facing power outages and 15 structures had been destroyed or damaged with thousands more threatened.

  • The Oak Fire marks the end of California’s relatively calm start to the fire season: Fewer than 34,000 acres burned statewide from Jan. 1 to July 19, the lowest total during that time period since 2009, according to a Mercury News analysis.
  • Isaac Sanchez, a Cal Fire battalion chief“People shouldn’t get complacent. If this was a baseball game, we are in the middle innings. There are still a lot of dry months to come.”

Newsom alluded to complacency at the national level in a Saturday letter to President Joe Biden, in which he slammed “uncooperative Republicans and a lone Democrat from a coal-producing state” (West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin) for holding “hostage” parts of Biden’s climate agenda.

  • Newsom added: “We want to reiterate our commitment to … finding new ways to work around those Senators who chose to keep their head in the sand instead of confronting the crisis we are all facing together. Partnering with California and other leading states and cities is now essential.”

As a proof point of what Newsom described as California’s world-leading action on climate, he cited a blueprint — released just the day before — to make the state’s ambitious climate plans even more aggressive. Continue reading Newsom calls for more aggressive climate action

Gavin Newsom’s plan to save the US Constitution by trolling the Supreme Court

A new California gun law should force the Supreme Court to confront the enormity of its worst decision in decades.

VOX, By Ian Millhiser Jul 25, 2022

California Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks during a news conference where he signed SB 1327 into law, in Los Angeles on July 22. David McNew/Getty Images

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) signed a law on Friday modeled after Texas’s anti-abortion law SB 8 — the Texas law which uses private lawsuits to target abortion providers. But there’s one important difference between the two state laws: California’s new law sends these litigious bounty hunters against gun dealers who sell certain guns, including assault weapons and weapons with no serial number.

It’s a high-stakes gambit that will test whether the Supreme Court actually meant what it said in Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson (2021), which held that because of SB 8’s unique style of enforcement, it was immune from meaningful judicial review — and thus would take effect despite very strong arguments that the law was unconstitutional at the time.

Shortly after Jackson was decided last December, Newsom announced that he disagrees with the Supreme Court’s conclusion that states can dodge judicial review of unconstitutional laws. But Newsom also said that, if the Court’s Republican-appointed majority would give this power to states, then he would use it to limit access to firearms.

Indeed, California’s new gun law, known as SB 1327, is explicit that the new law’s fate is tied to SB 8’s. SB 1327 provides that its SB 8-like provisions “shall become inoperative” if SB 8 is struck down “in its entirety by a final decision of the United States Supreme Court or Texas Supreme Court.”

The state of California, in other words, appears to be trolling the Supreme Court. SB 1327 should force the justices to either overrule Jackson and admit that they were wrong to let states evade the Constitution, or give California’s new gun ban the same immunity from judicial scrutiny that five justices gave SB 8.

That is, of course, assuming that this increasingly political Supreme Court cares about consistency. Continue reading Gavin Newsom’s plan to save the US Constitution by trolling the Supreme Court