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Valero is spending big money to promote their preferred candidates ….. Again.

By Kari Birdseye, October 28, 2022

Mailers with misinformation

Greetings Benicians,

We were really hoping for a clean election this year. However, two weeks before election day, the glossy mailers started arriving in every mailbox (except mine) in Benicia.

First, they paid for the “First Responders” to weigh in on their favored candidate, with the subtle indication that not all of the candidates support our brothers and sisters in public safety. WRONG.

No one is trying to defund any departments in Benicia, especially those who protect us. I come from a family of firefighter folks and grew up with a police and fire scanner in my house, so just don’t.

Even worse was the mailer Benicians received today, depicting Lionel Largaespada and Christina Strawbridge next to pictures of Mayor Young and Vice Mayor Campbell, both of whom have endorsed me and Terry Scott.

This piece is so deceiving that I’m hoping the City of Benicia will utilize the Fair Election ordinances we have on the books and, at the very least, issue a violation.

There have been a number of misinformation pieces sent this election cycle. Benicians who aren’t politically active may easily believe the misinformation, fueled by big oil money. A campaign that is energized by volunteers and less than $30,000 can’t compete. Knowing that makes me want to work even harder to get out the vote and show why I deserve the support of the majority of our local voters.

Moving Forward…

We continue to get the vote out, which this week included an online forum, held by the Black Women Organized for Political Action (BWOPA) Solano Napa Chapter, in collaboration with Vallejo Alumnae Chapter and Solano Valley Alumnae Chapters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. The 2022 Solano Countywide Virtual Candidates Forum can be viewed here and if you want to fast forward to our talk, go to 1:45:15. I was one of only two of the five candidates who showed up.

Thanks for your support!

I will continue to connect with Benicians and focus on the solutions we can create together. If you want to help me hit the maximum donations allowed under Benicia’s local ordinances, please visit this page and your support in other ways is always appreciated here.

In Service,


[BenIndy Editor: see more letters on Valero’s sham endorsement on Kari’s website at Valero’s misleading mailers.  – RS]

Benicia Mayor blasts deceptive Valero PAC flyer

We gave no permission for them to use our photos in this obvious attempt to confuse voters about whom we support.

By Benicia Mayor Steve Young, October 28, 2022

Benicia Mayor Steve Young

A recent glossy mailer from the Valero PAC sent in support of Christina Strawbridge and Lionel Largaespada could not be more deceptive. It implies that all the members of the Council (who are pictured in the flyer) are supportive of their re-election. The fact is that NONE of the current Council (other than themselves) are supporting them.

Vice Mayor Campbell and I are supporting and endorsing Terry Scott and Kari Birdseye for the two open Council seats, and Trevor Macenski has been neutral. We gave no permission for them to use our photos in this obvious attempt to confuse voters about whom we support.

In 2018, the Valero funded PAC successfully defeated Kari Birdseye and helped elect Largaespada and Strawbridge with a toxic negative campaign against her. In 2020, a similar negative campaign was launched against me in my race against Ms. Strawbridge, but Benicia voters saw through the negative ads and I was elected Mayor.

So far, the flyers sent by the PAC do not target a specific candidate, however they are untruthful and full of misinformation. The flyers themselves are expensive to produce and mail, and this type of spending demonstrates everything that is wrong with this type of PAC’s involvement in small-town elections: unlimited funding; no oversight of truths, exaggerations or lies; and a win-at-all costs mentality.

Terry Scott and Kari Birdseye cannot compete with the Valero PAC’s budget of more than $200.000. The only way they can fight back is through social media, volunteers walking precincts, and word of mouth. If you are supportive of Kari and Terry, please share this and related messaging with as many Benicia voters as you can.

Let’s send Valero another loud and clear message that our community rejects their effort to manipulate our election by electing Terry Scott and Kari Birdseye to the City Council. Perhaps they will finally learn, once and for all, that our City Council cannot be bought.

Enough. Let Benicia voters decide Benicia elections.

Steve Young
Benicia Mayor

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Stephen Golub: Important endorsements and qualifications

Benicia officials and others who’ve worked with them the most back Kari and Terry over their opponents

By Stephen Golub, October 27, 2022

Stephen Golub, Benicia CA

If you were trying to find a good baby-sitter, doctor, financial advisor, contractor or employee, you’d value the advice of folks who’ve worked with these persons. You wouldn’t hire someone whom such folks wouldn’t endorse.

That’s why we should elect Terry Scott and Kari Birdseye to the Benicia City Council. The Benicia officials and others who’ve worked with them the most back Kari and Terry over their opponents.

Kari Birdseye and Terry Scott are the only two Benicia City Council candidates who have been endorsed by: Mayor Steve Young, Vice Mayor Tom Campbell, Former Mayor Elizabeth Patterson, Solano County Supervisor Monica Brown (who represents Benicia) and, last but not least, the Democrat Party.

Terry Scott and Kari Birdseye are the only candidates that the Democratic Party has endorsed for the Benicia City Council.

These many endorsements mean even more because they come from folks with different perspectives. But they’re united in endorsing Terry and Kari.

They’re also united in not backing Kari’s and Terry’s opponents, two of whom sit on the Council. Please consider what it means that our two mayors and vice mayor have all worked with those two opponents for years. They know who’ll do the best job for Benicia.

Mayor Young, Vice Mayor Campbell and former Mayor Patterson have all declined to support those opponents. They are backing Birdseye and Scott instead.

There’s much more to recommend Kari and Terry. They’ve both received loads of other endorsements. And they have many more qualifications for City Council.

Terry Scott has owned many small businesses. He knows the challenge that Benicia’s many shop, restaurant and other small business owners and employees face. But he’s also been a Senior Vice President for the Hasbro toy and game company, managing a 700-member staff and a $1.7 billion budget. He’s well-equipped to understand and analyze city finances.

As Benicia Community Foundation Executive Director and Benicia Arts and Culture Commission Chairperson, Terry has done a great deal for the city’s economy, services and quality of life. He’s been a leader in creating all sorts of fun and recreational initiatives for the city’s kids and the rest of us.

Kari Birdseye chairs the Benicia Planning Commission, where she’s done a tremendous job seeking solutions for our city’s economic, housing and environmental challenges. As Matthew Turner Elementary School PTA President, she led a team that raised $100,000 annually for the school. She’s shone as an Emmy Award-winning producer and as the developer of award-winning economic and environmental programs, including being honored by the Governor. She’s been active in many other efforts that protect and improve our town.

Kari helped lead the successful fight to block the Texas-based Valero Energy Corporation’s “Crude-by-Rail” plan to bring through Benicia potential “oil bomb trains” – the kind that exploded and killed 47 people in another small city and that have derailed and frequently caught fire in at least 20 other places.

As parents, both Kari and Terry know how important it is that our City Council look out for Benicia’s kids. As a retiree, I can vouch for their dedication to the city’s retirees and elderly.

Our community is lucky to have two candidates so committed to making and keeping our Beautiful Benicia so special, by improving our roads, keeping our water bills under control, protecting our environment, helping local businesses to thrive and keeping our community safe and secure.

I started this letter likening our choice in this election to finding a good baby-sitter, doctor, financial advisor, contractor or employee. That’s what being City Council members is about, and more. We want people who’ll care and be supremely competent in looking out for Benicia’s kids, health, finances, businesses and entire community. Terry and Kari are best suited to wear these many hats.

I could go on, but don’t take my word for it.

Instead, take the word of Mayor Young, Vice Mayor Campbell, Former Mayor Patterson, the Democratic Party and so many others: Please vote for Kari Birdseye and Terry Scott for City Council.

Stephen Golub
Benicia, CA

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Judi Sullivan: A long list of prior and continuing achievements

In addition, Kari is kind, considerate, generous with her time and energy, and willing to listen to others while collaborating in order to develop consensus.

By Judi Sullivan, October 26, 2022

Judi Sullivan, Benicia CA

It is a privilege to support and endorse Kari Birdseye for our Benicia City Council.

Her long list of prior and continuing achievements at the community, state and national levels far exceed those of other candidates. Her career spans the areas of professional journalism, environmental science, community organizing, management of large fiscal budgets, media, and public speaking for professional gatherings.

Added to that are her innate personality attributes of being kind, considerate, generous with her time and energy, and willing to listen to others while collaborating in order to develop consensus. She has the strength and the proven ability to stand strong through a diverse array of experiences.

A brief summary taken from her career highlights stated on her website is being shared here to back up the talents and abilities shared above.

    1. She was the recipient of the Governor’s Environmental Leadership and Economics Award not only once but twice.
    2. She led Earth Justice’s Healthy Community Goals of lessening harmful pesticide impacts on farmworkers.
    3. She has 20 years of managing staff and budgets in the media and non-profit fields.
    4. She was an award-winning broadcast news producer at CNN, just to name a few of her outstanding professional accomplishments.

Currently Kari is a Strategic Communications Manager for NRDC, (National Resource Defense Council), S.F. Branch, collaborating as a journalist and spokesperson having key relationships with legal and scientific staff outreach at local, state, and national levels. In addition to these skills, she has successfully managed a budget of 10 million dollars as a Director of Communication, including working with agency grants and being a grant writing consultant.

As a volunteer leader, she has a strong, diversified track record of participation in our community. At present, she is the well-respected Chair of the Benicia Planning Commission.

Judith S. Sullivan
Benicia, CA

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