Anti-Birdseye PAC gets another $15,000, adjusts total of fund to $207,500

By Roger Straw, November 6, 2018

The rich and intrusive Valero/Labor anti-Birdseye political action committee (PAC) filed new income reports with the City of Benicia on the last day before the election.

The PAC disclosed $15,000 in new contributions on 11/2 from the Boilermakers PAC, raising the total of PAC funds to $210,000.  (Form 497-8)

The PAC also filed two reports (497-9 and 497-10) showing “Estimated non-monetary contributions” for the periods 10/21-10/31 ($7,812.50) and 11/1-11/4 ($4,687.50).  This $12,500 donated by the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California would increase the PAC’s total funding to $222,500.

The PAC also filed two amendments.  One (497-11) removes a 10/31 contribution by the Boilermakers.  A previous report shows a Boilermaker contribution on that date of $15,000.  The amendment shows $0.  This would reduce the PAC’s total funds by $15,000, leaving a grand total of $207,500.

The final PAC report (497-12) seems only to be a confirmation or verification of the removal in 497-11.

A lot of paper-shuffling on the day before the election having to do with Boilermaker funding of the PAC.  We wonder why….

These reports all appear on the City of Benicia’s Campaign Finance Reports page.