Anti-Birdseye PAC spends another $8,400

By Roger Straw, October 30, 2018

The latest campaign finance reports posted by the City of Benicia show that the Anti-Birdseye (Texas-Valero/Labor “Working Families”) PAC has spent additional funds on the following:

  • nearly $600 on 10/25 for “Walking Cards” in support of Birdseye’s opponents, and paid to the Firefighters Print and Design here in Benicia.
  • nearly $7,800 on 10/29 for “Estimated Live Calls” opposing Birdseye and in support of her opponents, and paid to Winning Connections of Washington, D.C.

The reports show cumulative PAC totals spent:

  • For Strawbridge, $24,474.60
  • For Largaespada, $31,763.33
  • Against Birdseye, $21,432.31
  • TOTAL OF $77,670.24

Compare these totals to those spent by the individual campaigns:

  • Strawbridge campaign, $24,354
  • Largaespada campaign, $14,348
  • Birdseye campaign, $17,076

And the PAC still has over $100,000 to spend in this last week before the election!

REMEMBER: Corporations can throw their money around for and against candidates, but they don’t get to VOTE.  Living, breathing humans cast ballots and make all the difference.  Please vote for Kari Birdseye!

Click here to go to Kari’s campaign website,