Benicia election results: Scott and Birdseye increase their lead

Scott and Birdseye distancing from incumbents, will be sworn in on December 6

By Roger Straw, November 14, 2022

As expected, Monday’s count of additional mail-in ballots at our Solano County Registrar of Voters increased the leads by frontrunners Terry Scott and Kari Birdseye.

Many have presumed the race is over.  But on Friday, incumbent Councilmember Lionel Largaespada conceded on his Facebook page, and both the Benicia Herald and this Benicia Independent called the race for Scott and Birdseye.  (I read somewhere that Christina Strawbridge conceded, but I am unable to confirm it.)

By the numbers – the lead increased each day…

Scott’s lead over Birdseye has remained pretty much equal, increasing only from 209 to 223.

Birdseye’s lead over Largaespada has increased from only 42 to 112, and tonight to 142.

Ballots still outstanding…

All but  approximately 250 mail-in ballots have been counted. Another 1,671 or so provisional ballots must be counted. The Registrar of Voters expects to certify the final result by November 30.

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