Benicia election results – winners Steve Young, Tom Campbell, Terry Scott, and the Cannabis Referendum

By Roger Straw, November 4, 2020  [See also: UPDATED details and analysis (Nov. 5).]

Here are Benicia election results as of 8:15 a.m. on November 4, from the Solano County Registrar of Voters website.  This count includes in-person votes from all 10 precincts, and most but not all mail-in ballots.  Considered unofficial, there will be additional mail-in  ballots and provisional ballots, but for practical purposes, these results can be considered conclusive.

Steve Young is our new Mayor, and Terry Scott has squeaked by as the second of two new City Council members.   Congratulations, Steve and Terry!


VOTER TURNOUT: 63.3%.  Ballots Cast 163,746.  Registered Voters 258,850.

Candidate Name Total Votes Percentage
7,266 51.93%
4,287 30.64%
2,409 17.22%
Candidate Name Total Votes Percentage
7,245 36.56%
6,269 31.63%
6,177 31.17%
Candidate Name Total Votes Percentage
7,175 51.44%
6,772 48.56%