Convergence of Solano County office closures and need for current COVID information

NOTE: The information below is not the latest.  TAP HERE for an update on Solano County’s February holiday closure.

By Roger Straw, February 13, 2022

Solano County offices were closed last Friday and will be closed again tomorrow, Monday – for Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays. So there was no COVID dashboard update on Friday, and surely will be none on Monday.  (It’s weird, but the County will NOT be closed on the national holiday, Feb. 19.)

Missing data…

The convergence of the office closures on the Friday and Monday before Benicia City Council’s Tues Feb 15 consideration of mask mandate is highly problematic. We will have to find other sources for current information on various COVID metrics. Not sure how/where to get good info, but I’ll be looking!

I have asked Benicia City Council members and Staff to be in touch with Dr. Matyas with a special request for current information. No idea if they will be successful.  Current data is so important for the public if we are to make informed comments at Council on Tues. Feb 15.

Tuesday’s Council meeting starts at 7pm, and here’s the Agenda.  See item 21B. on page 9.

Roger Straw
The Benicia Independent