Larnie Fox: Why vote for Kari Birdseye?

Why vote for Kari Birdseye?

By Larnie Fox, October 3, 2018
Larnie Fox, Benicia

I just got off the phone with Kari Birdseye and I am happier than ever to be supporting her bid for Benicia’s City Council. I got to know Kari this year as her teammate in Benicia’s bocce ball league. I’ve found her to be refreshingly open-minded and optimistic. Given the divisive, confusing times we are living in, I totally trust Kari to provide clear, transparent and forward-looking leadership on the Council.

Kari is a long-term thinker. She often emphasizes the difference between reactive and proactive thinking. She told me that she believes that the whole current water rate mess could have been solved in the early 2000’s if a more proactive, less divided Council had been in place. You can expect Kari to oppose deferring any more infrastructure maintenance, especially on streets and the water system.

Kari is inclusive and is a good listener. She told me that during the course of her campaign she has been hearing from many people who have been hurt by the increased water rates. Once on Council she will work hard to address the issue, especially for low-income folks and seniors on fixed incomes. You can expect her to listen carefully, take everyone’s concerns seriously, then work to implement creative, proactive solutions that will ease current problems and prevent future problems for years to come.

Kari is a consensus builder. In her job as a Strategic Communications Manager for the NRDC, she works with scientists, engineers, lawyers, the press and the public to build consensus. She can learn from and talk to anyone.

Kari is independent. She does her homework and makes her own decisions. She will not be beholden to any business, union, politician or political group. Unlike other candidates, she is taking no money from corporations or businesses. She will make her own decisions. She is not anti-refinery. She wants a better partnership with Valero, but if necessary will stand up to big oil, real estate developers or any other group to protect our long-term economic interests as well as our air, water and land.

Kari is a committed Benician. She has lived here for nearly twenty years and raised her son and daughter here. She served on the board of the Benicia Stingrays swim team for nearly a decade, and was president for two years. Her son is now a lifeguard. She’s a past Mathew Turner PTA member, and now serves on the board of the Solano County Fair. Her 96 year-old grandmother also lives in Benicia, and Kari is well aware of the issues that local seniors face.

Kari understands the value of arts and culture in Benicia, both for their economic impact and their intrinsic value – making Benicia a more interesting and inviting place.

And I like her.

Vote for Kari, and remember to thank ALL who serve, have served or are willing to serve as officials in our local democracy. Their headaches are many, and their rewards are few.

Larnie Fox