LETTER SERIES: Nikki Basch Davis – PAC involvement in Benicia elections

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PAC involvement in Benicia elections

By Nikki Basch Davis
October 28, 2016
Nikki Basch-Davis
Nikki Basch Davis

Working on Elizabeth Patterson’s election, I was sternly instructed on how much (or little) money we are allowed to sell the art for. I had to send back donated art which was priced at a too high value.  Every dollar we made in the auction was painfully scrutinized.

I was surprised to read that Mark Hughes campaigns in 2005 and 2009 accepted $12,350 from 13 different PACs.

I also have learned that the Benicia Police Officers’ Association has raised $20,000, of which, part, is already put to use for lawn signs (bigger than life), indicating their support for Mark Hughes.

Benicia’s Human Resources Department made3 it clear that the majority of these police officers don’t even live in Benicia and cannot vote in our election. Still, they are trying to influence and manipulate our town’s politics.

I wonder why political action committees are involved in this election? How many of our voters are aware of it?

Nikki Basch Davis, Benicia