LETTER SERIES: C. Bart Sullivan – Steve Young for City Council

[Editor: Benicians are expressing themselves in letters to the editor of our local print newspaper, the Benicia Herald. But the Herald doesn’t publish letters in its online editions – and many Benician’s don’t subscribe. We are posting certain letters here for wider distribution. – RS]

Young for Council

By C. Bart Sullivan
October 30, 2016
C. Bart Sullivan
C. Bart Sullivan

I am writing this letter in support of Steve Young for City Council.

I was first introduced to Steve as a Planning Commissioner during the commission’s deliberations on the crude-by-rail project.  I was astounded by Steve’s depth of understanding, thoughtful questions, concerns about the project, and his ability to lead the discourse in a manner that helped the public understand the impact the project would have on the community.

His handling of the crude-by-rail project gave me my first insight into Steve’s incredible attention to detail, and his passion for this community.

The more I learn about Steve, the more I feel the city of Benicia would be lucky to have someone like Steve to represent the citizens of our town, and help Benicia grow and thrive as a community. For example, I learned that Steve led a team to redevelop McClellan Air Force Base into McClellan Business Park and the redevelopment of Mather Air Force Base in Sacramento. He was instrumental in preserving the historic town of Locke from extinction. These successful projects are just a few of the projects showcasing Steve’s 30 years of experience in economic development and urban planning.

During the discussion of these projects, I noticed that Steve consistently praised his team.  Steve was able to nurture, lead, and work with people in tackling complicated projects. This all illustrates Steve’s respect for others, and his ability to work well as a leader.

I recently met with Mario Giuliani, our city Economic Development Manager, who explained the economic challenges we face as a community. From that discussion, it became clear to me that we have a rare opportunity to elect someone like Steve Young who has the depth of experience, passion to take action, and the ability to work with our City Council to meet and overcome such challenges.

I urge you to join me in voting for Steve Young for City Council.

C. Bart Sullivan, Benicia