Progressive Democrats of Benicia endorse Kari Birdseye, Terry Scott

City Council Endorsements for Benicia’s November Election

On Thursday, August 25, after an informative and well-attended meeting of the Progressive Democrats featuring a forum for three Democratic Benicia City Council candidates, the membership voted to endorse Kari Birdseye and
Terry Scott for City Council.

The membership failed to endorse the third Democrat running for two seats on Council, Christina Strawbridge.

In the forum moderated by Interim Chair Kathy Kerridge, the candidates were presented with prepared questions on topics ranging from the Valero PAC—which has a stockpile of over $200,000 to support candidates favorable to their issues—to climate change response and adaptation strategies, as well as affordable housing for seniors and low-income families. Each candidate was afforded ample time to answer each question and provided thoughtful, forward-thinking responses.

The membership also voted to endorse Jose Altamirano for the State Board of Equalization and to make a financial donation to each of the endorsed candidates.