Solano County has under-reported COVID cases, will report significant increase soon

By Roger Straw, Friday, March 6, 2022

‘Previously unreported cases were identified through a different testing procedure’

A pedestrian wears a face mask while walking along the Vallejo Waterfront, Friday, March 4, 2022. (Aaron Rosenblatt/Daily Republic)

Fairfield Daily Republic, by Todd R. Hansen, March 5, 2022

FAIRFIELD — Solano County expects to receive a significant report of previously unreported cases that were identified through a different testing procedure.

But Dr. Bela Matyas, the county public health officer, said the additions do not change the county’s continued decline in case trends.

There were two more Covid-related deaths reported Friday. A man over 65, living at home and vaccinated, was one of the reports, while a man between 50 and 65, living at home and unvaccinated, also died. Both had significant health issues, but the younger man apparently was unaware of his problems.

The two deaths take the pandemic total to 398, the county reported.

The county reported Friday there were 138 new cases – 102 since the previous report Wednesday – taking the pandemic total to 79,678.

The number shows the case rate for the previous two days was 51 per day, up from 36.5 Wednesday. The 10-day daily average inched up slightly from 54.4 to 56.7 with 567 active cases.  [continued…]

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