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Susan Street: A Breath of Fresh Air

New Possibilities…

By Susan Street, October 21, 2022

Susan Street, Benicia CA

A breath of fresh air.

New ideas.

A new approach.

Happily, the voters are in charge with an opportunity to have two positive, up-to-date replacements for Benicia City Council.

Solid environmental concerns, experience in city business, both exceptional supporters of the arts.

Let’s elect Terry Scott and Kari Birdseye.

New eyes on Valero, our city budget, new possibilities and solutions.

Susan Street
Benicia, CA

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Craig Snider: Think Twice Before Supporting Largaespada and Strawbridge

…we can make a constructive change this November by replacing both with Terry Scott and Kari Birdseye.

By Craig Snider, October 9, 2022

Craig Snider, Benicia CA

With the Benicia City Council election in full swing, I’ve read with interest various opinions about the candidates. But two candidates stand out for their anti-public health and antibusiness development stances: Largaespada and Strawbridge. Consider the influence of Valero corporation, with its $250K war chest under the guise of “Working Families for a Better Benicia”. That’s troubling given its chronic air and water pollution problems. In the past, Valero worked to defeat candidates who support better oversight of their polluting operations. Apparently they expect lax treatment by the candidates they support. Otherwise, why would they get involved in our elections?

Remember the whole “Crude by Rail” debacle that plagued our community for years while we fought Valero’s efforts to bring “Bomb Trains” loaded with filthy shale oil into our community; snarling traffic, compounding air pollution and otherwise putting our citizens at risk? Lionel Largaespada was one the few Benicians to support it. So it’s no surprise Valero looks favorably on his candidacy. Largaespada is a Republican whose party works tirelessly to diminish air and water pollution regulations by using industry lobbyists to alter rules in their favor. These lobbyists also work hard to limit the the EPA and other regulators’ ability to do their job of keeping us safe from toxic pollution.

Christina Strawbridge eventually did better on the Crude by Rail project when she did an about face on the issue after a bomb train derailed and caught fire in Oregon in June 2016. Evidently, 12 prior bomb train derailments including the destruction of Lac-Megantic, Quebec and the death of 47 residents were insufficient up to that point. Valero’s Crude by Rail project had reached the breaking point in Benicia and it was clear that any candidates supporting the project would be rejected by voters. Perhaps that’s why she finally came around, but her lack of support before the political winds changed is telling.

Another issue that Lionel and Christina agree on is their opposition to cannabis retail in Benicia. Many of us attended numerous council meetings to achieve a good compromise cannabis ordinance for the city. We were tired of seeing cannabis tax revenue drift off to Vallejo and elsewhere. The original ordinance passed the council and allowed for two cannabis shops at limited locations. In the run up to the 2018 council race I had the opportunity to ask Strawbridge directly, during a public candidate forum, where she stood on the new cannabis ordinance. In front of a packed room at the library, she stated that she supported the ordinance, and if elected, wound not change it. But once elected, she immediately changed her position and opposed the ordinance, voting in May 2019 to ban retail sales altogether. In her words, “Cannabis dispensaries are not a good fit for Benicia”. Christina and Lionel led the anti-cannabis retail effort by proposing so many “no retail cannabis” buffers that it would be nearly impossible to site a cannabis store anywhere in town.

A month later, on June 18, 2019, The council voted 3-2 in favor of allowing one retail cannabis shop, dropping many of the onerous buffers proposed by Strawbridge and Largaespada. In one year, our single cannabis shop has generated more tax revenue for the city than over half the downtown businesses combined! By now you know who the two “no” votes were.

Frankly, I’m tired of the shenanigans. But we can make a constructive change this November by replacing both with Terry Scott and Kari Birdseye. Scott and Birdseye will both put public health and safety above politics while supporting needed business development in Benicia. Both are long-running chairs of Benicia Commissions, skilled in dealing with tough issues and respecting diverse views in our community. Terry’s considerable business background will add a much-needed element to our City Council while Kari’s background in communications and media will improve city communications and public involvement on important issues. They’ll both bring a creative, problem-solving skillset that is often lacking in city government. Please join me in voting for Terry Scott and Kari Birdseye for City Council. You’ll be glad you did!

Craig Snider
Benicia, CA

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Pat Toth-Smith: Vote for the endorsed Democrats for Benicia City Council

Terry Scott and Kari Birdseye for Benicia City Council

By Pat Toth-Smith, October 9, 2022

Pat Toth-Smith, Benicia CA

Of the Democratic Party candidates running for the two open seats on Benicia’s City Council this election season, Terry Scott and Kari Birdseye won the endorsement vote of the California Democratic Party by way of the Solano County Democratic Central Committee on August 27.

Note that candidate Lionel Largaespada is a registered Republican and so was not eligible for an endorsement by the Democratic Party.

Both Terry Scott and Kari Birdseye have many innovative ideas which will help Benicia flourish.

Terry Scott views Benicia as an economically vibrant community that preserves its small-town status and place in California history, celebrates inclusivity and diversity, embraces the arts, and demands a high level of safety, including clean air and clean water. Terry’s long employment history includes being an innovative strategist as the Senior Vice President and global head of creative services for Hasbro. He also was a small business owner, which included owning and operating a successful restaurant. More recently he was the chair of the Benicia Arts and Culture Commission. Terry’s extensive work history and proven problem-solving abilities make him uniquely qualified to fulfill the position of City Council member.

Kari Birdseye has for years contributed to our town and its residents. She has a long history of working on the Benicia Planning Commission and was voted by her fellow members to lead the Commission. Kari was an early “no” vote on the Crude by Rail project and her innovative strategies regarding the environment will help Benicia navigate flooding, drought, and other potential effects of climate change. She is a good choice for Benicia.

I encourage you to follow the California Democratic Party’s lead and vote for Terry Scott and Kari Birdseye for Benicia City Council.

Pat Toth-Smith
Benicia Resident

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Bob Berman: Not just words but actions

Kari is dedicated to making Benicia better

By Bob Berman, September 25, 2022

Bob Berman, Benicia CA

I support Kari Birdseye for the Benicia City Council.

In my opinion Kari is dedicated to making Benicia better. This has been shown not just by Kari’s words but by her actions.

As a Benicia planning commissioner, and more recently as its chairperson, Kari has sought public input on the various issues that come to the commission. But she does not just solicit input she carefully listens to what is said and considers the information before deciding on the project the commission is considering.

In considering the public input, and all the other factors that go into her decision making, first and foremost is – what is best for Benicia

Kari will not only bring new ideas and fresh leadership to the City Council, but she will make sure that public input is not only sought but fully considered before making a decision.

In addition, Kari supports Measure K – the renewal of the City’s Urban Growth Boundary.

Join me in voting for Kari Birdseye for Benicia City Council.

Bob Berman

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Kari Birdseye For Benicia City Council 2022