Two weeks from Election Day – write a letter, volunteer … and VOTE!

By Roger Straw, October 22, 2018

There’s still time to help – local democracy is important!

We’re coming down to the wire…  Some of us have been really busy during this campaign season.  Now’s the race to the finish!

If you can, please write a letter to support your candidate.  By now, you all know that my first choice for City Council is Kari BirdseyeVolunteer for Birdseye, ask for a yard sign, offer to make calls, send in another donation… and send in your mail-in ballot TODAY!  And if you’re like me – I’ll see you at the polling place on Tuesday, November 6.

Still deciding who to vote for?  See letters from your neighbors and friends below…

10/21/2018 Lisa Reinertson
The Inconvenient Truth in Benicia
10/21/2018 Vicki Byrum Dennis
An Artist for Kari Birdseye
10/21/2018 Larnie Fox
Questioning Largaespada for Benicia City Council
10/21/2018 Andres Soto
Benicia deserves better
10/19/2018 Jan Cox-Golovich
Unprecedented special interests
10/13/2018 Constance Beutel
Kari Birdseye – courage, heart and commitment
10/13/2018 Roger Straw
City Records show Valero, others pooling 104,200 for negative ads
10/12/2018 Roger Straw
My Life in Perspective, Climate Change and This Election
10/8/2018 Gigi Giblin
For the health of our community – Kari Birdseye
10/7/2018 Bob Berman
Valero trying to influence our election
10/7/2018 Jan Cox Golovich
Kari Birdseye for transparent & honest local government
10/7/2018 Kathy Kerridge
Kari Birdseye for City Council
10/7/2018 Mayor Elizabeth Patterson
Water questions for candidates
10/7/2018 Roger Straw
Valero should be ashamed and called out
10/6/2018 Susan Street
Valero undermining our democratic process
10/4/2018 Larnie Fox
Why vote for Kari Birdseye?
10/3/2018 Craig Snider
A few thoughts on endorsements
9/30/2018 Nikki Basch Davis
A clear choice for health
9/28/2018 Constance Beutel
I’m voting for Kari Birdseye
9/28/2018 Elaine Eisner
Informed, talented, experienced
9/28/2018 June Mejias
Kari Birdseye dedicated and experienced
9/26/2018 Susan Street
Misleading poll calls
9/23/2018 Steve Young
Outside corporations interfering
9/21/2018 Monica Brown
Birdseye for Council
9/9/2018 Pat Toth-Smith
Birdseye puts safety first


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