Valero PAC – Expenditures of over $135,000 Sept 20 to Oct 17, now over $200K for the year

By Roger Straw, October 23, 2020

Valero Refinery’s commercial PAC, which is out to buy Benicia’s mayor’s seat in our 2020 election, filed its latest income and expenditure reports yesterday.

The reports are required by law and cover the period September 20 to October 17, as well as totals for 2020.

Form_460_Pre_Election_2.pdf shows income of $25,000 for the period, cash payments of $63,844 and unpaid bills of $71,275.  The form shows an ending balance of $173,779 as of October 17.

INCOME for the period September 20 to October 17
This period Year to date
Monetary Contributions (International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, forgers & Helpers Local 549) $25,000 $25,000
Total Contributions $25,000 $25,000
EXPENSES for the period September 20 to October 17
This period Year to date
Cash payments $63,844 $99,333
Accrued, unpaid bills $71,275 $101,567
TOTAL EXPENDITURES $135,119 $200,899
Current Cash Statement
Beginning Balance $212,623
Cash receipts $25,000
Cash payments $63,844
Ending Balance $173,779

The Valero PAC’s Form_465_2.pdf is a Supplemental Independent Expenditure Report.  This very important form carries detailed individual payments made to named companies for mailers, Facebook and other digital ads,  live phone calls and robocalls.  I must apologize for not presenting the information here.  The form is complicated, seems to overlap with previous reports, doesn’t total up accurately as far as I can tell, and so can’t be properly interpreted here.  Suffice to say, Valero has been busy spending tons of money to pick up the Benicia Mayor’s seat.  Check out their Form_465_2 on the City of Benicia website for details.