VIDEO: Solano County Board of Supervisors hears verbal COVID update and votes to open some businesses

By Roger Straw, May 6, 2020

Below you will find the 1 hour 20 minute video segment of yesterday’s Board of Sups meeting covering COVID-19.  In the video you will hear verbal reports from Emergency Services Manager Don Ryan and Public Health Official Beta Matyas, followed by Supervisor Q&A.  At the end you will hear the Supervisors’ unanimous vote on a motion to approve moving forward with opening of “green” (lower risk) businesses this week.  They will consider moving forward with “yellow” (medium risk) businesses next week Tuesday, May 12.

I am unable to locate documentation at this time as to the specifics of “green” or “yellow” business definitions and the pertinent guidelines and regulations that will govern their openings.  I have requested such documentation from Benicia’s Supervisor Monica Brown.