Why did Benicia’s City Manager Lorie Tinfow resign suddenly?

By Roger Straw, September 10. 2020
Lorie Tinfow, Benicia City Manager, 2017-2020

Why did City Manager Lorie Tinfow resign suddenly?  Everyone is asking, and I wish I had an answer to that question.

Most of my friends and acquaintances held her in high regard, had no warning of her quick departure, and were shocked and saddened when the news broke.  Her resignation was effective immediately, and gave the impression of a firing or at least an unhappy crashing of relations.

I am aware that not every Benicia City Council member favored her, but I am truly shocked that we lost her at this delicate time in our city’s many struggles, including dealing with the effects of the COVID pandemic.

I take this opportunity to refer you to an excellent new source of Benicia news.  John Glidden, formerly an excellent reporter for the Vallejo Times-Herald, has struck out on his own and is covering Vallejo and Benicia news at JohnGlidden.com.  Here’s a good example of his work – covering a closed-session Benicia City Council performance evaluation of Ms. Tinfow before the sudden resignation.

If you have any information about why Ms. Tinfow resigned, please contact John Glidden via johnglidden.com/contact/ or write to me at rogrmail at gmail dot com.