ALERT: Benicia City Council to consider mask mandate – Tuesday, Aug 17

By Roger Straw, August 13, 2021

Let Benicia City Council know you support masks in indoors public spaces!

At next Tuesday’s Council meeting, members will hear a request to implement a face covering mandate for the City of Benicia.

The request, submitted by Mayor Steve Young and Vice Mayor Tom Campbell, would establish a “mask mandate for inside commercial businesses.”

Two-step request, handwritten and marked urgent

City Council rules require a “two-step process” just to agendize discussion of a new  item.  The August 17 request is the first of the two steps, requesting the item be agendized for consideration at the August 24 meeting.  It’s an important first step – Young and Campbell will need three votes just to bring the item to Council  on August 24 for discussion and a vote.


Your thoughtful input is needed!  See