Bart Sullivan: Kari Birdseye has an incredible track record

…watch Kari in action as the chair of the planning commission, and then look at the results over these last five years.

By Bart Sullivan, October 9, 2022

Bart Sullivan, Benicia CA

After thoroughly looking at the candidates for Benicia City Council, I’d like to focus today on one candidate, Kari Birdseye, and why I believe she would make an excellent city council member.

When voting for a particular candidate, I look to the candidate’s commitment to serving the community, honesty, fairness, and integrity as pillars for who they are, and how they will represent their constituents. While many candidates offer some of these attributes, a great candidate, such as Kari, has all these pillars.

For example, when it comes to commitment to serving the community, Kari has an incredible track record of volunteering and civic engagement such as serving on the Human Services Board and working as president of the PTA. These volunteer activities alone while working full time and raising a family demonstrate Kari’s dedication to serving the community. But Kari did not stop there! Over the last five years I have had the opportunity to marvel at Kari Birdseye’s ability to lead the planning commission while treating members of the commission and community honestly, fairly, and with integrity.

If you have had the opportunity to watch Kari in action as the chair of the planning commission, and then look at the results from the planning commission over these last five year, I think you will find Kari has demonstrated her ability to deftly navigate different inputs from the community, business, and the city, then masterfully work with everyone to find solutions, all while maintaining her commitment to maintain Benicia’s small-town historic charm.

Kari has committed to tackle some of our most complex issues such as diversifying our economic tax base and making sure that we have clean air and clean water. While these issues sound simple enough, they are very complex with competing economic, business, and community interests. Given Kari’s background and track record as a proven problem solver and masterful negotiator, I believe Kari as part of our city council will user her skills and fierce dedication to our community to navigate such complex issues and much more!

Bart Sullivan
Benicia, CA

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