Larnie Fox: Trusting Kari Birdseye

Kari is organized, diligent, generous, courteous and a team player

By Larnie Fox, August 12, 2022

Larnie Fox, Benicia

We Benicians have an important City Council election coming up. We have an opportunity to elect a majority who are forward thinking, inclusive, and not beholden to big oil.

To make this happen I’m supporting Kari Birdseye, (and Terry Scott).

Kari and I play on the same bocce ball team, and I have learned a lot about her through that experience.

She’s well organized. When she saw that team communications were inconsistent, she stepped in and started sending us a concise, upbeat email two days before every game so we would all show up at the right time in the right place, mentally prepared for our game.

She is diligent. She has worked to improve her skills, gradually, steadily, and with good results. She is now one of our better players.

She is generous. Not only does she bring delicious food for every game, she has taken on the responsibility to bring a tablecloth, plates, napkins and utensils for everyone to share. And, she always shows up early to help prep the court, no matter the heat.

She is courteous. When other players were rude, bossy or mean spirited, she always kept her cool, stood her ground, and steered us back towards civility.

She’s a team player ~ and she’s fun.

I believe that the qualities a person displays doing small things will also be evident when they take on large things – and she has certainly taken on large things in the past. She has chaired the City’s Planning Commission since 2015, served on City’s Human Services board, is a past president of Turner Elementary’s PTA, and the Benicia Stingrays swimming club. She was an Emmy-winning executive producer for CNN.

I know that when she is on our Council, she will do her best to keep our town safe, livable, civil and inclusive.

I trust her.

Please join me in voting Kari Birdseye for City Council.

Larnie Fox

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Kari Birdseye For Benicia City Council 2022