Nikki Basch Davis: Remember! …and vote for Birdseye and Scott

It is imperative to remember the shameful manner of our last two elections

By Nikki Basch Davis, September 1, 2022

Nikki Basch Davis, Benicia CA

To the citizens of Benicia:

With the elections for council in our town approaching, it is imperative to remember the shameful manner of our last two elections when our mailboxes were filled with glossy propaganda showing distorted faces of candidates with truth twisting lies about their history and conduct.

It is important for our town not to be influenced by campaigns supported by very large contributions funneled to special interest PACs by large corporations.

By the end of the day, the candidates that have the funds to place the biggest signs around town and create a stream of expensive glossies that arrive in every mailbox are the candidates that will be beholden to those corporations when the time comes for council to vote on what is best for our children’s health and wellbeing.

The fact that Valero builds football fields for our schools does not compensate for our children growing up in a town listed by the American Lung Association as having the highest rate of asthma in the state.

When I choose my candidates, I choose the ones with no present or past ties to those corporations. Therefore, my choices are Kari Birdseye and Terry Scott.

Nikki Basch Davis

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