The grapes are in fact sour

By Roger Straw, November 7, 2018

Losing is never easy.  One learns to lose graciously, and most times, it’s best  to do so.  This morning, however, the candidate might disagree with me, but the grapes are in fact sour.

My take: they learned their lesson – and the lesson they learned is not good.  Attack.  The way of Trump works.

Fill your promo literature and phone calls with a bad enough lie.  Smear the candidate.  Scare the public.  Fill a dump truck with money.  Hire a nasty lawyer.  Get away with it.

Here in Benicia, if you take off the gloves and punch low, the public might not notice.  Go with hit pieces and innuendo and the public might give you a pass.  Heaven help us in 2020.

City of Benicia Member, City Council
Vote for 2
Precincts Reported: 8 of 8 (100%)
Candidate Name Total Votes Percentage
6,279 33.47%
5,554 29.61%
4,919 26.22%
1,934 10.31%
72 0.38%