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ROGER STRAW – Election recommendations

Benicia Independent Endorsements

By Roger Straw, November 4, 2016

hillary_clintonAs I prepare to head to the polls on Tuesday, my decisions have finally been made. Not all were difficult to make: it’s of historic importance that we NOT elect Donald Trump. I will be voting for our first woman president, Democrat Hillary Clinton.

kamala_harrisMy vote for Kamala Harris for Senate is a no-brainer: as California Attorney General, Harris was our highest-ranking ally in the David and Goliath battle against oil trains here in Benicia! (With many thanks to Deputy AG Scott Lichtig.)

Mariko Yamada State Senate 2016Mariko Yamada will need every one of our votes if she is to beat the money-machine of her opponent, Bill Dodd. Dodd only recently became a Democrat, has accepted huge donations, and benefited from independent expenditures by big corporate interests, including the oil and gas industries.  I’ve known Mariko for years – she is to be trusted.  I once told her I’d vote for her for President of the U.S.!

monica-brown-229mike_ioakimedes_solanocountysupervisorAt the Solano County Supervisor level, it gets a bit hairy for me.  I respect, know and like both Mike Ioakimedes and Monica Brown.  I share progressive Democratic values with both of them. Earlier, I endorsed Mike when he weighed in against Valero’s crude by rail proposal. As an influential longtime Benicia leader, his added voice was highly significant at that time when we were facing into a final City Council vote on crude by rail. Monica strongly opposed Valero’s proposal, too, but when I’m forced to mark my ballot, I’ve decided I’ll vote for Mike Ioakimedes. Sorry, Monica.

elizabethpattersonBenicia Planning Commissioner Steve Young, candidate for Benicia City CouncilMy focus has been almost exclusively on local Benicia races. I am actively supporting Mayor Elizabeth Patterson’s re-election, and Planning Commissioner Steve Young for City Council. I like several of the other candidates for City Council, but I’m focusing entirely on electing Steve. Here are my previous posts on Elizabeth and Steve:

Unlike THE DONALD and many of his right-wing cohorts, you and I will accept the outcome of a fair and impartial election and join forces with our newly elected leaders, working for a better future. See you on the other side of election day!

LETTER SERIES: Evie Treventhen – Mariko Yamada for State Senate

[Editor: Benicians are expressing themselves in letters to the editor of our local print newspaper, the Benicia Herald. But the Herald doesn’t publish letters in its online editions – and many Benician’s don’t subscribe. We are posting certain letters here for wider distribution. – RS]

Mariko Yamada: Good for the Delta

By Evie Treventhen
October 28, 2016

I am pleased to write this letter in support of Mariko Yamada, who is a candidate for the State Senate in District 3 [representing Benicia].

I’ve followed her activities in the Assembly and have been impressed by her consistent advocacy for improvement of working conditions for farm workers.

Mariko Yamada State Senate 2016Also she has demonstrated a clear understanding of the need to protect water quality in the Delta and in our area generally. In the Assembly she was a senior member of the Assembly Committees on Agriculture and Water.  She opposes the Delta tunnels which potentially would be a disaster for the Delta and also negatively impact other northern California water needs.

Unlike her opponent [Dodd], Mariko has consistently voted to support overtime compensation and wage protection for farm workers.  Farm workers have historically been excluded from receiving additional pay for overtime work. As recently as this year, her opponent voted against such a bill.  Recently Gov. Brown signed that bill into law.

Mariko, a lifelong Democrat, is not a voice for corporate interests such as oil, Monsanto and pharmaceutical companies.

Her legislative service has focused on elder care, justice for workers and care for the environment.

I urge you to join me in voting for Mariko Yamada for State Senate.

Evie Treventhen, Napa

ENDORSEMENT: Mariko Yamada for California State Senator

By Roger Straw, May 21, 2016

June 7 primary election – Yamada for Senate, District 3

Benicia Independent joins Mayor Elizabeth Patterson and the California League of Conservation Voters in endorsing Mariko Yamada for State Senate District 3

Mariko Yamada State Senate 2016As a member of the State Assembly, Mariko Yamada took notice of Benicia and represented us well.  Now, having termed out of her Assembly seat, she is in a tight race for California Senate.

I once told Mariko I’d vote for her for President – she’s that good! I made an early financial commitment and helped sponsor one of her first meet and greets here in Benicia last December.  Please vote for Mariko Yamada in the June 7 primary!

Her opponents are being heavily supported by independent groups representing oil interests and other big money lobbyists.

See her campaign site ( for details on her rich personal background and her plain-spoken progressive stance on the issues.  Here’s a map of District 3 – its huge, including the cities of Benicia, Martinez, Napa, Petaluma, St. Helena, Fairfield, Vacaville, Davis, Dixon, Woodland, etc.