UPDATE: Valero PAC spent $35,000 for phone polling, total now at $46,700

By Roger Straw, October 28, 2022

Roger Straw, The Benicia Independent

Late today, Benicia City Clerk Lisa Wolfe posted two more campaign finance reports previously submitted by the Valero PAC.  These reports shed light on the expenditure of $37,000 seemingly missing from earlier reports.

In addition to the $8,698 spent for their misleading campaign mailers (reported here earlier today), these reports also disclose expenditures of $17,500 for each of their chosen candidates for telephone polling.

Benicia residents reported receiving unsolicited telephone polling calls near the end of August. Now we know who was paying the big bucks to find out what Benicians think, and just so to fashion their political messages in a bought election.

The PAC paid EMC Research, Inc. of Columbus OH for the polling.

The two new campaign finance reports also show $2,000 paid to Trusted Messenger Marketing of Los Alamos for “Consulting.” This is the same firm the PAC paid to produce and mail their misleading mailer.

The new total of known spending by the PAC for Largaespada and Strawbridge as of today is $45,698.61.

The PAC will be soon be required to file a report disclosing both expenditures AND contributions through 10/30/22. This form will be due in the Benicia City Clerk office on 11/2/22.

It will be most interesting to get further information on Valero’s effort to buy two City Council seats again in 2022.

Note that others in Benicia are keeping an eye on Valero’s meddling in our elections – check out Benicians For Clean Elections at https://www.beniciansforcleanelections.org/

See also my page of support for candidate Kari Birdseye here on the BenIndy.

Stay tuned. I’ll let you know if/when we learn more.

Roger Straw
The Benicia Independent

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