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ALERT: Benicia City Council subcommittee to explore Seeno development plans – proposed at Council on Tuesday, Aug 17

 By Roger Straw, August 13, 2021

Important to read the agenda, comment by email, attend and voice your thoughts at the August 17 zoom meeting

The Aug 17 Benicia City Council agenda is PACKED with important items.  One is the ESTABLISHMENT AND APPOINTMENT OF THE NORTHWESTERN STUDY AREA SUBCOMMITTEEThis is all about the SEENO PROPERTY, and appears in the CONSENT calendar, Item 20 B. on p. 7.

The agenda’s Staff Report – Establishment and Appointment of Northwestern Study Area Subcommittee, is measured and thoughtful, well worth reading (note some details here below).

The intent is to set up a Council Subcommittee composed of Mayor Young and Councilmember Macenski, who will “help City staff and consultants facilitate discussions about considering potential future land uses” of the Seeno property.

In my opinion, this initiative somewhat misleadingly re-names the Seeno property the “Northwestern Study Area”.  Renaming the area will not remove the deservedly untrustworthy reputation of the Seeno family and its corporate entities.  Utmost caution must be urged as the City moves forward to consider development there.

A Few Details
Download Green Gateway Business Community – A 21st Century Possibility, September 2008

The Staff Report accompanying the item, Establishment and Appointment of Northwestern Study Area Subcommittee includes a short section on Previous Planning Efforts, very briefly summarizing two previous Seeno proposals, and highlighting our 2008 community-led Green Gateway Plan.


It’s good news that the staff report mentions a City-sponsored “Specific Plan” 3 times, including a reference to the fact that adoption of a Specific Plan (Master Plan) is required by Benicia’s General Plan for any development of 40 acres or more.  A Specific Plan was a primary focus of our 2008 Green Gateway Plan.  Reference – see Benicia General Plan Policy 2.3.1, PDF pages 48-49, [document pages 34-35].

A Few Questions

Will the renaming confuse or fail to alert those of us who have been through battles concerning the Seeno property?  Should the committee include citizen representatives in addition to the two Council members?  Will the Committee recommend the City require a Specific Plan for any new development?


Your continued vigilance and thoughtful input is needed!  See

Benicia City Council – Friday update, Terry & Trevor both score 17 more votes

By Roger Straw, November 14, 2020

Scott still trails by 130 votes, with only 40-140 Benicia votes yet to count – I’m calling the race: Macenski the winner

Solano County didn’t post it’s Friday Nov. 13 update until Saturday, but it’s there now, showing that more mail-in ballots and provisional ballots were processed.

The one close race in Benicia was for the second seat on Benicia’s City Council.  Both Trevor Macenski and Terry Scott netted 17 more votes in the latest Solano Registrar of Voters report.  So Macenski continues to lead Scott by 130 votes.  And I’m calling the race.

8,627 36.45%
7,587 32.05%
7,457 31.50%

Potential ballots remaining to be processed, as of Friday’s Solano County report, include 0-250 mail-in ballots and 500-1,500 provisional ballots.  By my own calculation, Benicia might account for about 8% of those remaining ballots, or 40-140 outstanding votes.

It begins to look like a 130 vote margin is not at all likely to be overcome.  So I think we can say that Trevor wins, given the odds.

The Registrar of Voters won’t offer a FINAL count for awhile.  We’ll just have to wait for them to finish counting and certify the winner.  But meanwhile, we can offer sad well-wishes to our candidate Terry, and congratulations to Trevor Macenski.  Here’s hoping the next City Council will work together well and accomplish much!

Benicia City Council – super close race, Terry Scott down 3 more votes, not quite over yet

By Roger Straw, November 12, 2020
Terry Scott, candidate for Benicia City Council

Scott now trails by 130 votes, with an estimated 140-240 Benicia votes yet to count

Solano County took Veterans Day off, but came back today and processed more mail-in ballots and provisional ballots.

The winner status in all races remained unchanged as of 5:15pm tonight.

The one truly close race in Benicia is for the second seat on Benicia’s City Council.  Tom Campbell is assured of first place, having won 8,615 votes.  The second seat is really close, with Trevor Macenski leading Terry Scott by only 130 votes.

8,615 36.49%
7,561 32.03%
7,431 31.48%

Potential ballots remaining to be processed, as of tonight’s Solano County report, include 250-500 mail-in ballots and 1,500-2,500 provisional ballots.  By my own calculation, Benicia might account for about 8% of those remaining ballots, or 140-240 outstanding votes.

If I were a pro, I might call the race now, given the odds against narrowing a 130-point margin.  But I’m no pro, and Terry’s a friend, so I can’t go there.  We’ll just have to wait for the Registrar of Voters to finish counting and certify a winner.   ☹

Hang in there, Terry!

Benicia election update on Tues. Nov. 10 – no change of status, Macenski increases slim lead over Scott

By Roger Straw, November 9, 2020, 6:00pm

Trevor Macenski maintains lead for second seat on Benicia City Council – leads Terry Scott by 127 votes

Solano County updated its election results at 5:15pm tonight, with no changes in yesterday’s rankings.  Unofficial results today give Trevor Macenski a lead of 127 votes over Terry Scott, strengthening his hopes for gaining the second seat on Council.  Note that the counting isn’t over yet in this close race.

Outstanding votes as of Tuesday Nov. 9, 5pm

Solano County’s election result is still unofficial.  As of 5pm on Tues. Nov. 10, the County reports an estimate of 500-1,000 additional County-wide vote-by-mail ballots to be processed, and 2,500-3,500 additional provisional ballots to be processed.  Benicia’s share of those 3,000-4,500 ballots has not been reported and remains unknown.  However, Benicia’s population is 7% of Solano population, and our voter turnout percentage of 86% is higher than countywide 79% – so we might count for 8% of the remaining ballots, or 240-360 votes, enough to alter the vote for second seat on Council.  The County will update its results at close of business on Thursday Nov. 12, and I will report here on any significant changes in outcome.

Benicia races for Mayor and City Council – winners and losers…
Details and analysis…
  • UPDATE: 17,341 Benicia ballots were received, 85.0% of 20,393 registered voters.  Wow!
  • MAYOR results as of Fri. Nov 6, 5pm:
    Candidate Name Total Votes Percentage
    8,522 50.78%
    5,184 30.89%
    3,032 18.07%
  • Steve Young continues with an insurmountable lead, winning vote-by-mail by a huge margin of 53% to Christina Strawbridge’s 31% and Jason Diavatis’ 16%.
  • Jason Diavatis won election-day voting with 36%, then Young at 34% and Strawbridge at 30%.
  • There were relatively few election-day votes, 1,746, compared to a whopping 14,957 vote-by-mail ballots as of tonight’s report.  Thus Steve Young’s substantial overall margin of 20 points.
  • CITY COUNCIL results as of Fri. Nov. 6, 5pm:
    8,576 36.54%
    7,511 32.00%
    7,384 31.46%
  • Tom Campbell won re-election to City Council with the highest vote total among candidates and a margin now in excess of 1,000 votes.  By tradition, as top vote-getter, Campbell will be named Benicia’s Vice Mayor, replacing Christina Strawbridge in that role.
  • In an extremely tight race, Trevor Macenski leads Terry Scott for second place, which, if held, would gain him the second seat on City Council.  Scott led by 135 votes in election-day voting, but trails Macenski by 248 votes in vote-by-mail.  Provisional ballots reported so far went 22 for Macenski, 8 for Scott (and 10 for Campbell).  Macenski’s narrow overall margin of 127 votes tonight is subject to counting of more mail-in ballots and provisional ballots, but it looks more and more like Macenski will be declared the winner.  Stay tuned!
Cannabis results:

8,617 51.68%
8,058 48.32%

Those voting YES gained a bit, adding 80 votes today, while NO gained only 56 votes.  The difference was in newly counted mail-in ballots.  Provisional ballots were even, 20 YES, 20 NO.  Those voting NO took the election-day voting by a margin of 123 votes.  Mail-in voting far outnumbered election-day voting.  Voters cast 14,870 mail-in votes and only 1,765 election-day votes.  I expect that today’s (unofficial) margin of 559 votes is likely to hold as the County counts additional mail-in ballots and provisional ballots.